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Sparks Daily!

Your Daily Dose of Hal Sparks

3/6/06 02:37 pm - turkeysock - no updates in SO long.

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My thoughts exactly.

3 I Love the 80s picturesCollapse )

10/27/05 10:02 pm - xmissenvyx - .a little help.

can someone find me some screencaps of hal with the snuggle bear from i love the 80s 3d 1986? it would make my day for many many days haha <3

2/13/05 11:01 pm - sink_or_swim - For Monday, February 14, 2005....

Here it is, your Valentine zen...Collapse )

Screencap from the season four (and, I'm assuming five) opening credits of Queer as Folk. Cue the pulse to begin.... (From Queer Eyes.)

BTW, after all of the hype there's been for The L Word season two...is anyone else confused by the lack of hype for the final QaF season? Because, really, what the shit is that.

Also, please note that there's been an addendum made to the community rules. From now on, any post of any images must credit back the original source, including an HTML link. (Meaning, the website they pictures were found on, being Sparksfan, HAtT, or Hal's official site.)

1/31/05 07:25 am - sink_or_swim - For today, January 31, 2005....

Here it is, your very late Moment of Zen....Collapse )

Hal singing away with Miles and Robert. *^_^* (Um...I can't recall the source of this image, so if someone could tell me in order for credit to be given, it would be much obliged. Thanks in advance.)

12/23/04 01:26 pm - sink_or_swim - For today, Thursday, December 23, 2004....

Here it is, your Moment of...eh you know the rest....Collapse )

Such a goofball. Oh, Hal!
From Happens All the Time.

12/22/04 09:29 am - sink_or_swim - For today, Wednesday, December 22, 2004....

I thought I would do something different today. There's been a lot of drooling, and some silliness lately, and I feel that it's time we get a bit serious. Ergo, in lieu of your usual Zen, I am presenting this to you, my loyal and incredibly fabulous sparks_daily viewers.

And now, a pictoral essay of a man who's heart is bleeding.Collapse )

I am too damn easily amused.
Images from Happens All the Time.

12/21/04 02:13 pm - sink_or_swim - For today, Tuesday, December 21, 2004....

Here it is, your tight pants of Zen....Collapse )

I think the cut says it all.

Oh wait no...I have to...I must!

"Are you talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to ME?!"

Okay I feel better now. From Happens All the Time.

12/20/04 01:19 pm - sink_or_swim - For today, Monday, December 20, 2004....

Here it is, your goofy and weird Zen....

It's like a toothpaste ad. *^_^*
And one more for the road....Collapse )
From Happens All the Time and Sparksfan.

12/17/04 11:00 am - sink_or_swim - For today, Friday, December 17, 2004....

Closing out Advovate Outtakes Week, here is your silly Moment of Zen....Collapse )
It appears he's doing a Michael Jackson impersonation there. You know...not many people are cute when they make weird faces like that, but Hal can pull it off. And we love him for it, I'm sure.
From Happens All the Time.

Thus brings the Advocate week to a close. Have a good weekend everybody!

12/16/04 09:36 am - sink_or_swim - For today, Thursday, December 16, 2004....

Here it is, your close-up, dead sexy Moment of Zen....Collapse )

...I think somewhere I decided it's Advocate outtakes week. And I'm sure that you're all complaining about it. ^_~
From Happens All the Time.
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