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Sparks Daily!

Your Daily Dose of Hal Sparks

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Hal Sparks Daily!
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Welcome to Sparks Daily!

This is the Live Journal Community where you can get your daily fix of pictures of the awesome and talented Hal Sparks. Each and every day there will be a new picture posted so you can stare to your heart's content!

Like all the other daily communities this one is pictures-only. So feel free to join, post, and oogle pictures of Hal whenever you like!!

Here are a few rules---

1) Every Post Must Have a Picture. This is a pictures-only community. It is NOT for you to post your opinions, gossip, ask questions, etc. It is to view pictures. If you wish to make these kinds of posts then communities like halsparksfans, or some of the other Hal discussion communities, may better suit your needs. Quiz results, self-made graphics (icons, banners, wallpapers, etc), and drawings/artwork featuring Hal are not accepted as images and will be deleted. Please go to halsparksicons to post all your Hal-icons. There is zero tolerance for off-topic posts. Do it once, and you'll be warned and your post will be deleted. Do it twice, and you'll be banned, no arguments or questions.

2) No Hotlinking/Direct linking. Please don't link directly to an image hosted on any site but your own. This also means no linking to pictures in the community as well. Direct linking steals bandwidth and costs site owners money. It's not very nice, and Hal wouldn't approve, so please refrain from doing it. Photobucket offers image hosting services. It's easy and free so definitely give it a whirl. Also, please credit the source where your image is from. Translation: if you get it from Wireimage, Sparksfan, or even Hal's official site, you must provide a link back to site you found it on. It's only good manners, and I really don't want emails from people upset that they weren't credited properly.

3) Cut Pictures & Posts. For the benefit of everyone else in the community if your pic is more than 500 pixels wide please crop and/or re-size it. If you can't resize it or don't know how, post it behind an LJ-cut. If you want to post more than one picture don't forget to put any after the first picture behind a LJ-cut. To find out more about LJ-cuts click here.

Copying and pasting a link to a picture hosted on a site that is not yours is considered hotlinking.
Any posts that do not follow the rules will be deleted.

Frequent violators will be banned.
There have been no bannings so far and we would like to keep it that way.

Thanks for reading the rules and please feel free to post pics any time you want. ;)

Moderated by sink_or_swim, with assistance by __maybetonight.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us.

Community founded on August 10, 2004, and rules were last edited on January 30, 2005.

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